Family Owned & Operated

We’re a family owned business and we all work together in it, including the kids after school. To us, it’s the little things that matter, such as top-quality products and great customer service. It’s about helping parents who are starting to toilet train their kids, or people with special needs who require our waterproof products. Our team are mostly Moms, and while they’re not blood relatives, we consider them a part of our family too.


Ethical Manufacturer

We have a wonderful long-term relationship with our Chinese manufacturing team. Upon realising we needed to outsource our Brolly Sheet manufacturing, we travelled to China to meet James and his family. James owns a small factory and mostly employees only his family members. It has a strict no child labour policy and James ensures all his staff are paid a good wage. His factory is well ventilated and maintains high ethical standards in everything it does.


Unique Low Allergy Cotton Top

As a Mom, I wanted a low allergy product for my daughter Mia’s bed. When I designed Brolly Sheets, I chose a soft cotton top to reduce Mia’s exposure to dust and eczema causing allergen. Mia was also the inspiration for my introduction of the varied coloured and patterned Brolly Sheet tops we now offer. With our waterproof bed pads looking so great that kids happily use them, what more could you want? We know; a bed pad which is softer and more comfortable than the polyester ones sold by our competition, plus whisper quiet waterproof protection! That’s why you’ve got those too, with each one of our Brolly Sheets!


Huge Range of Bed Sizes

Once again we provide you with a waterproof bed pad which comes in multiple sizes. Not everyone has the same sized bed, just like we all don’t wear the same sized clothes. This means you can have a Brolly Sheet for every bed in your home!


Now you know why you should shop with us, what are you waiting for? Visit our online shop now and delight in our wide range and top quality assisted living products!

Thanks for stopping by to get to know us a little.